Branded Content


Producing branded content has become an extremely effective tool for advertisers in this day and age. The outcome of well made branded content can do wonders for the company producing it, but only if the content is made properly. Not only do they have to make sure that their product is being sold as successfully as possible, they also have to ensure that the content they’re producing is exceptionally well done and sort of tricks the viewer into seeing the short film as something more than an advertisement. The most successful branded content programs are able to blend the advertising message in a seamless and transparent fashion, literally making it a part of the storytelling, while still getting the information across to the consumer.

In 2003, the Branded Content Marketing Association was formed in order to endorse branded content to a wider, international audience. In January 2008, the BCMA conducted a study which shows just how effective branded content is when comparing it to traditional advertising. Over one-third of people were skeptical about traditional ads and only one-tenth trusted the companies producing such adverts. The study concluded that “in the overwhelming majority of cases consumers preferred the more innovative approach compared with traditional advertising”.

Another 2008 study once again shows how useful branded content has become in the age of technology. Over 95% of the time, web sites that feature branded content were more successful than web sites featuring typical advertisements, and are 24% more effective at increasing the purchase intent of viewers. In addition, branded content sites boost both favorability and brand awareness, two factors that are especially crucial to advertisers. Branded content is particularly effective in the 18-34 age group, forming positive opinions and being overall more responsive to branded sites. Online Publishers Association’s President Pam Horan concluded, “In nearly every category measured, ad effectiveness scores on branded content sites were numerically higher than on the web in general, on portals or on ad networks. Branded-content sites have a notably greater impact at the points where consumers are establishing brand preference and making purchase decisions.”

Overall, branded content has the power to help enrich a company’s ability in incorporating product placement in their entertainment, which results in an enhanced company and product image, an improved retail presence, better consumer relationship, and boost sales.


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