Toddler Falls Into Cheetah Exhibit at Cleveland´s Zoo


A two-year-old boy was injured after falling into a cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Saturday afternoon.

The boy´s mother reportedly held him over the railing when he suddenly dropped. The child’s father immediately jumped in to the exhibit save his son. Onlookers tried to distract the cheetahs while the rescue went on, but the animals ignored everyone around. The zoo closed the cheetah exhibit for the remainder of the day.

The boy was taken to the hospital with a leg injury and was listed in stable condition. The zoo plans to file child endangerment charges against the parents.

For more information, read the original story at Fox News.

Charges have been filed against the mother of a 2 year old boy who fell in to the cheetah exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Saturday.

Michelle Schwab, 38, of Delaware, Ohio, faces a charge of child endangering in the case.

Court documents allege that Schwab held the boy out over the protective barrier. He then fell into the enclosure and sustained a broken leg.

Cleveland EMS said the boy fell between 10 to 12 feet into the exhibit before being removed and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

The zoo said the cheetahs never made an attempt to interact with the boy. Schwab is set to appear in court April 22.


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