Branded Content


Producing branded content has become an extremely effective tool for advertisers in this day and age. The outcome of well made branded content can do wonders for the company producing it, but only if the content is made properly. Not only do they have to make sure that their product is being sold as successfully as possible, they also have to ensure that the content they’re producing is exceptionally well done and sort of tricks the viewer into seeing the short film as something more than an advertisement. The most successful branded content programs are able to blend the advertising message in a seamless and transparent fashion, literally making it a part of the storytelling, while still getting the information across to the consumer.

In 2003, the Branded Content Marketing Association was formed in order to endorse branded content to a wider, international audience. In January 2008, the BCMA conducted a study which shows just how effective branded content is when comparing it to traditional advertising. Over one-third of people were skeptical about traditional ads and only one-tenth trusted the companies producing such adverts. The study concluded that “in the overwhelming majority of cases consumers preferred the more innovative approach compared with traditional advertising”.

Another 2008 study once again shows how useful branded content has become in the age of technology. Over 95% of the time, web sites that feature branded content were more successful than web sites featuring typical advertisements, and are 24% more effective at increasing the purchase intent of viewers. In addition, branded content sites boost both favorability and brand awareness, two factors that are especially crucial to advertisers. Branded content is particularly effective in the 18-34 age group, forming positive opinions and being overall more responsive to branded sites. Online Publishers Association’s President Pam Horan concluded, “In nearly every category measured, ad effectiveness scores on branded content sites were numerically higher than on the web in general, on portals or on ad networks. Branded-content sites have a notably greater impact at the points where consumers are establishing brand preference and making purchase decisions.”

Overall, branded content has the power to help enrich a company’s ability in incorporating product placement in their entertainment, which results in an enhanced company and product image, an improved retail presence, better consumer relationship, and boost sales.


Pirates complete sweep of D-backs

piratesPittsburgh’s slow start to the season is quickly fading into the rearview mirror.

The Pirates can thank their starting pitchers for the turnaround.
Pittsburgh Pirates completed their first sweep in Arizona with an 8-0 win over the Diamondbacks on Sunday.
”We’re playing better baseball and it continues to start with our mound work,” Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said.
Gerrit Cole and A.J. Burnett got the Pirates rolling in the series with quality starts the first two games.

Liriano (1-1) had trouble with fastball command in his 200th career start and walked six. He offset the walks with seven strikeouts and allowed two hits in 6 1-3 innings, giving him wins against 29 of the 30 teams in the majors.The Pirates gave him some rare support, too.

Pedro Alvarez hit a two-run single off Jeremy Hellickson (1-3) in the first inning and Neil Walker added a two-run double off the right-hander in the fifth. Gregory Polanco had three of Pittsburgh’s 14 hits and scored three runs. Walker also had three hits, finishing the series 7 for 12.

Pittsburgh has won five straight and eight of 10.

”We’re in a good place right now,” said Liriano, who has never faced Miami. ”We keep playing hard, taking it one game at a time, and pretty comfortable right now.”

Royal Match Productions


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Logical Fallacies


The ability to identify logical fallacies in the arguments of others, and to avoid them in one’s own arguments, is both valuable and increasingly rare. Fallacious reasoning keeps us from knowing the truth, and the inability to think critically makes us vulnerable to manipulation by those skilled in the art of rhetoric.

What is a Logical Fallacy?

A logical fallacy is, roughly speaking, an error of reasoning. When someone adopts a position, or tries to persuade someone else to adopt a position, based on a bad piece of reasoning, they commit a fallacy. I say “roughly speaking” because this definition has a few problems, the most important of which are outlined below. Some logical fallacies are more common than others, and so have been named and defined.

Questions swirl over how small aircraft able to land on Capitol lawn without being shot down

Questions are swirling about how a postal worker from Florida managed to land a small gyrocopter Wednesday on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol without being shot out of the sky by authorities.

Mailman Doug Hughes took responsibility for the stunt on a website where he said he was delivering letters to all 535 members of Congress in order to draw attention to campaign finance corruption.

“As I have informed the authorities, I have no violence inclinations or intent,” Hughes wrote on his website, “An ultralight aircraft poses no major physical threat — it may present a political threat to graft. I hope so. There’s no need to worry — I’m just delivering the mail.”

House Homeland Security panel Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said the pilot landed on his own, but that had he made it much closer to the Capitol authorities were prepared to shoot him down.

“Had it gotten any closer to the speaker’s balcony they have long guns to take it down, but it didn’t. It landed right in front,” McCaul said.

Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be Elected President


#1. Do we really want an oligarchy?

The United States was founded upon the selection of rulers by popular sovereignty rather than ascension through bloodlines. Do we really want the first female President to be the wife of a former President? There is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton will play up her husband’s accomplishments while he was President in order to suggest that she will be able to replicate his successes. Legitimate candidates should not have to rely on their spouses or relatives to display why they are fit to serve.

#2. She’s Hopelessly Out of Touch

This was best put on display when Clinton stated in July 2014 that she and her husband were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House in 2001. However, in 1999, the couple bought a 5-bedroom home in Chappaqua, NY for nearly $2 million. In December 2000, they bought a 7-bedroom house near Embassy Row in Washington, DC for almost $3 million. There is nothing wrong with the Clintons using the money that they have earned to purchase such luxury; however, there is a major issue in Mrs. Clinton being unable to recognize her own good fortune.

#3. A Life Spent As A Washington Insider

After becoming First Lady on January 20, 1993, Clinton would go on to become Senator from New York and then Secretary of State, compiling 20 consecutive years working in the inner-circle of Washington, DC. Even those three roles were not her first experiences in the nation’s capital. In fact, one of her first jobs after graduating from Yale Law School was serving on the impeachment inquiry staff during the Watergate trial. It was only after she failed the Washington, DC bar exam that she made the final decision to marry Bill Clinton and move to Arkansas.

#4. A Chronic Liar

Before there was Brian Williams, there was Hillary Clinton.

Clinton infamously claimed in 2008 that she landed under “sniper fire” in Bosnia, which was refuted by video evidence of the incident. However, that is not the first time that Clinton has been caught telling untruths. In 1995, she claimed that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach Mount Everest’s summit. However, he did not do so until 6 years after Clinton was born, making it unlikely that her mother would be familiar with him at the time.

Additionally, Jerry Zeifman, counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, claims that during her work on Watergate, Clinton wrote a fraudulent legal brief and confiscated public documents in order to prevent from Nixon from being impeached so that Ted Kennedy would have a chance to win the presidency in 1976.

#5. She changes positions when it’s politically expedient

Hillary Clinton stated in 2000, “I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.” Clinton retained this position during her 2008 campaign and until 2013, when she said that gay Americans are “full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship, that includes marriage.” While it’s understandable that Clinton could have had a change of heart, it is not the first time that she has changed her position when political winds have shifted. She favored the Cuban embargo in 2000, before opposing it in 2014, and voted for the Iraq War in 2002 before campaigning against it (and refusing to admit her vote) in 2008. In one particularly memorable moment in a 2007 debate, she spoke in favor of giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, changed her position 2 minutes later, and then changed her position back the next day.

#6. She’s Economically Illiterate

Clinton has indicated that she agrees with the Alan Arenholt quote that she featured in her 1996 book It Takes a Village that “The unfettered free market has been the most radically disruptive force in American life in the last generation.” While there can be some argument as to what “disruptive” is to imply, Clinton’s other statements bring some light to the subject. Late in 2014, Clinton told a crowd, “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” Her healthcare proposals during her time as First Lady were much more expansive than ObamaCare, and she has on many occasions spoken in favor of a universal system.

#7. A Democrat Who Voted For War

For as big of a liberal as Clinton is on domestic issues, she has proven herself to be just as neo-conservative on foreign policy. Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War. Additionally, she stated that she would have assisted anti-Assad forces in Syria, and her desire to intervene in Libya is what led to the arming of members of Al Qaeda. She has also stated that she would use nuclear weapons to (in her words) “obliterate” Iran if they were to attack Israel with nuclear weapons.

#8. Anti-Civil Liberties

Clinton voted for the USA PATRIOT Act in 2001. As Secretary of State, she justified NSA spying by stating that it helps to protect the US from terrorist attacks. She said she was “puzzled” and found it “odd” that Edward Snowden fled the country, and implied that she thought that he was attempting to assist China and Russia with his revelations about the NSA program. She also opposed the release of documents by WikiLeaks in 2010 and has in the past supported making flag-burning illegal. In 2005, she introduced the Flag Protection Act, which would have called for a $100,000 fine and 1-year sentence in jail for the offense.

#9. Scandal-Ridden

n her decades in the limelight, Mrs. Clinton has found herself involved in a number of scandals. In the infamous Whitewater Controversy, she and her husband were found to be involved in some suspect real estate investments during their time in a failed business venture. Mrs. Clinton was also implicated in the Travelgate scandal, which alleged that the Clintons had fired White House Travel Staff employees so that some of the Clintons’ friends could take their places. While President Clinton was exonerated of any wrongdoing, Mrs. Clinton was found to have played a central role in the firings and made false statements about the matter. Mrs. Clinton was also involved in the Filegate scandal, which alleged that she had requested and read top-secret FBI background checks for political purposes.

#10. Benghazi

There is perhaps no bigger scandal than the one which occurred during Mrs. Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. On September 11, 2012, Islamic radicals attacked the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Stevens was the first US Ambassador killed on duty since 1979. Hours later, a second assault killed two CIA contractors. Requests for more security had been made by the American representatives in Libya to the Clinton State Department for months prior, but they were ignored.

Toddler Falls Into Cheetah Exhibit at Cleveland´s Zoo


A two-year-old boy was injured after falling into a cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Saturday afternoon.

The boy´s mother reportedly held him over the railing when he suddenly dropped. The child’s father immediately jumped in to the exhibit save his son. Onlookers tried to distract the cheetahs while the rescue went on, but the animals ignored everyone around. The zoo closed the cheetah exhibit for the remainder of the day.

The boy was taken to the hospital with a leg injury and was listed in stable condition. The zoo plans to file child endangerment charges against the parents.

For more information, read the original story at Fox News.

Charges have been filed against the mother of a 2 year old boy who fell in to the cheetah exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Saturday.

Michelle Schwab, 38, of Delaware, Ohio, faces a charge of child endangering in the case.

Court documents allege that Schwab held the boy out over the protective barrier. He then fell into the enclosure and sustained a broken leg.

Cleveland EMS said the boy fell between 10 to 12 feet into the exhibit before being removed and taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

The zoo said the cheetahs never made an attempt to interact with the boy. Schwab is set to appear in court April 22.